Miscellaneous Web Resources

Selected links to some of the most useful or interesting sites on the web…..

  • GlamourVision – If you like to look at pics of pretty ladies in their underwear, this site is for you……
  • Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine – Lots of good stuff here, always fun to look at old websites….
  • ODP – Open Directory Project – One of my favorites. Search engines are good, social bookmarking sites are good, but sometimes I just want to browse through a directory….
  • Pinboard – This is the best bookmarking site on the web in my opinion….
  • Voice of the Shuttle – Interesting links since 1994
  • Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Free online encyclopedia that users can edit. I find that most of the articles are well written and accurate. Of course one ought not to use Wikipedia as their sole source of information, especially if it involves important decisions….
  • zenhabits – Excellent blog in both design and content. Leo writes mostly about self improvement and minimalism….