My Thoughts on War

Although I served twenty years in the U.S. Army retiring in 1992, I have no direct experience with war. I don’t regret my military career but over the past few years I have become more and more aware of the terrible evil that war is….

I cannot claim to be a Pacifist but I have come to the conclusion that war is always an egregious evil for everyone involved. War is a massive waste of natural, financial and manufactured resources; the resources wasted fighting wars could go a long way towards alleviating poverty, curing disease, and quality education for everyone. War is an affront to God who created us in His own image and a blight on all of Humanity.

That being said, I do think that sometimes war is the “best” possible choice available; the least evil option available. Other than the obvious example of fighting Hitler in WW II, I don’t claim to have the wisdom needed to determine when we “should” go to war, all I can say is that it is something best avoided and that anyone who does become involved should feel the need to repent and be reconciled to God and Humanity.

In a way, we are all involved because war is chronic and endemic to Humanity and we are all connected in intricate ways in the web of life. Lord have mercy….

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