I have confidence in me

I make Excel spreadsheets to document personal property claims and to be honest, I am damn good at it. I know my way around Excel. So what would I like to be better at ? Let’s start with being a better Excel geek…

I could learn more about the statistical functions, pivot tables and the like. Or I could become a master of VBA coding….

Or perhaps something different entirely. I could develop my writing skills or increase my proficiency at one on one communication skills….

There’s all sorts of things ! Let’s focus and get busy !

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How is it going with my New Year’s

How is it going with my New Year’s resolutions ?  I’m doing a perfect job keeping them ! Not that I am so efficient and energetic as to be perfect in keeping promises; the truth of the matter is that I am such a bad procrastinator that I failed to make any resolutions. But, there is always next year…..

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My Favorite Month

My favorite month ? I will say December for various reasons, all centered on the holiday season. Even though it can be stressful, there is a certain excitement and anticipation throughout the month. I enjoy walking around, looking at stuff in stores and observing the people; there is way too much commercialization but still it can be interesting and enjoyable…

We always visit family on Christmas and have a great dinner courtesy of my sister in law. Now with the grand kids, it is even more fun….

What I like most about December though is that is when we Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Incarnation or the idea of God becoming one of us so that we can become like Him is to me a fascinating and awesome thing….

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On Public Speaking

The idea of public speaking scares the hell out of me. When I was younger I joined the Toastmasters to help me gain self confidence. Speaking in front of the group was scary but also gave me a sort of rush. LOL ! I guess one could compare it to the rush people get from doing dangerous sports….

Sometimes in a class or small group I can really get into talking about an idea or issue and that I actually (sort of) enjoy; although it hasn’t happened in a good while….

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forgetting to remember….

What am I good at remembering and what do I always seem to forget ? Well to start off I will say that I tend to have a short attention span; frequently running on auto-pilot. How this came about I really don’t know but it is probably exacerbated by looking at spreadsheets all day and trolling about the web in my off hours. I’ve been trying to do better though by walking a couple times a day (try to anyway) and reading books on my Kindle in lieu of lurking on the web…. Continue reading

My first job: U.S. Army

I did have a couple of part time jobs when I was in high school; also mowed lawns and caddied some when I was a kid. My first real job was the Army. I enlisted right out of high school and stayed for twenty years. I was stationed in Germany twice and Korea once. I met my wife, also a soldier, on my second tour in Germany. We got married in Denmark and are living happily ever after….

Sunrise vs. Sunset

What I really enjoy is to go walking in a park or quiet neighborhood very early in the morning and seeing the come up right about when I finish my walk. what’s even better is an early morning walk whilst a light rain is falling….

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wednesday lunch time…

This morning I was alternating between the spreadsheet I was working with and checking the web for information about iPods. I have been considering getting one with part of my tax refund but it’s becoming sort of a stress inducing obsession. Continue reading

A day without a cell phone is no big deal to me.

This is a response to a the question on Plinky “Have you ever gone a day without a cell phone ?”

I’m over 50 and did not have a cell phone ’til I was over 40. When my kids were in middle school they wanted cell phones; so we got them and I eventually got one of them as a hand-me-down. Now I have a razor phone but other than the basic functions I don’t know how to use it and don’t really care. The cell phone is handy, and good for “emergencies” but I don’t really use it for casual conversation like my wife and kids do. Continue reading

My first job: U.S.Army

Other than part time jobs while in high school my first job was with Uncle Sam.

I enlisted in the Army right out of high school. My first work experience was Basic Training which consisted of a lot of running, drill, and learning to use and maintain various weapons and equipment. Aside from learning specific skills such as marksmanship, the main emphasis was learning discipline, teamwork, and physical fitness. I made it through Basic Training and stayed with the Army and retired in 1992 with 20 years of service. The Army was often challenging but on the whole was a good experience. I am glad I stayed in.

sunday evening home alone….

Sweetous is staying the week with Piglette so I am home alone again. I’m a fairly self contained self reliant person; some might even say I was semi-reclusive. I actually don’t like being alone though; it can be downright unnerving. In Genesis God said that it was not good for a man to be alone; and He’s right ! As far as I can tell I’m perfectly sane but I can see how an extended period of solitude could work on one’s mind or I could fall down the stairs or something….

Enough of the morbid ponderings ! Rather than morbid, today was actually rather mundane. I slept late and lounged around the house in the morning. No bacon for breakfast, just cereal, yogurt and coffee. I did the wash and installed some software on my new tiny computer. I got a new one yesterday because I turned in the other one on account of the keyboard malfunctioning. I installed a bunch of updates from Microsoft and also Open Office, Chrome, and Live Writer. When finished with all that I went to Borders for a while and now I’m back home winding down the day with the dogs.

thursday night….

I am taking it easy at home now after a very busy day at work. I did complete the tasks I had scheduled so I am pleased. Tomorrow should be a fairly easy day. Yesterday I felt like hell, thought I was coming down with something but today I feel much better. Tonight I will read for a while and work on this blog some; I’ve been changing the layout around some….

Portrait of an ISFP

Portrait of an ISFP – I am an ISFP according to the personality type test I just finished at personalitypage.com.  Being a quick 60 question online quiz of course it is not as comprehensive as complete test from a Psychologist but it was interesting and the ISFP designation does fit me in some ways. I ‘m not so sure how artistic I am, but it is true that I like things to look good and I love music. Also true is I tend to be somewhat aloof rather than highly gregarious. More links about personality types……

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