Getting Unstuck

In Dante’s Inferno, Satan, denizen of the deepest hell, is found frozen in a block of ice, utterly unable to move. As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking or eating junk food only to pick up that cigarette or that bag of crunchy or gooey things in a burst of wild rebellion can tell you, rebelling doesn’t necessarily bring freedom. Addictions—and this can include addictive emotions and obsessive thinking—is hell, a narrowing our possibilities. Freedom means working with life, caring for the body and the rest of creation, the middle path.

Getting Unstuck.

Some thoughts about the internet…..

Is the internet making us crazy ? | We have grown to depend on the internet. I cannot imagine not having access to the web; I use it everyday, almost all day.  I have learned a lot from surfing the web, it is a great tool for shopping and banking…..

But the net has a dark side. Aside from obvious stuff like porn or scams, it seems the web is rewiring our minds in ways that are usually not good for us…..

I don’t think we should or even can go back to the pre-internet days but we do need to learn to use it in ways that minimize harmful effects. We can be part of the web but we ought not to allow it to devour our brains….

A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction :zenhabits

A Survival Guide for Beating Information Addiction :zenhabits | Some pertinent ideas from Leo. Remind you of anyone you know ?

Are you suffering from information addiction? It’s a growing problem as people spend more and more of their time online — and while online tools are amazing, being addicted to checking them can steal most of your day.

Intervention – A&E TV

Intervention – A&E TV – I was watching this show with the Woman and they had a lady on there who was an alcoholic and when she was not able to get vodka she would drink mouthwash.

Not a good idea, if the 20% or more alcohol content doesn’t do you in, there is something else in there that may well be even more toxic: Methyl salicylate.

Wikipedia articles: Methyl Salicylate, Intervention (counseling)

web junkies….

The Daily Gamecock – Facebook Addiction Serious Problem  – facebook and the internet in general can very easily monopolize one’s attention as well as be very time consuming. I know that I sometimes spend way too much surfing the web and bookmarking articles. I bookmark way more items than I could possibly read. I’m not sure what it is but there is something very engaging about being online….