Risen: The Novelization of the Major Mot …

Risen: The Novelization of the Major Motion Picture http://goo.gl/sEHiFH

This was an excellent book ! A fictional account of the crucifixtion and resurrection as witnessed and experienced by Clavius the Roman officer in charge of the execution of Jesus and his girlfriend Rachel. The author really get’s into the minds of Rachel and Clavius and I was able to step into Clavius’s shoes and experience the story thru his eyes. Great book !

Finished reading this today | Steve Jobs …

Finished reading this today | Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different http://goo.gl/7mXgMu

A good overview of the life of Steve Jobs and the history of Apple. Steve Jobs was a brilliant and complex man. His brilliance in design and the quality of Apple products is often overshadowed by his poor human relations skills and questionable morality…..

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And three books I noticed whilst lurking around Barnes & Noble yesterday…..