More technology more work….

When Office Technology Overwhelms, Get Organized -  In fact, even as workplace technology and processes steadily improve, many professionals feel less productive than ever. It may seem a paradox, but these very tools are undermining our ability to get work done. They are causing us to become paralyzed by the dizzying number of options that … Continue reading More technology more work….

Capitalism vs Democracy

The growing tension between capitalism and democracy - The Washington Post  | The future looks bleak if the corporations are not brought to heel..... I found the link on Jim Philips - Google+

The Corporation

The corporation: the pathological ... - Joel Bakan - Google Books  | I read this several years ago finding it quite interesting and enlightening. The basic premise is that corporations are psychopaths; having no regard for anyone or anything other than their profits....


Is Multitasking Wasting Our Time? | WHAKATE It’s hard to resist the temptation when technology gives us the ability to multitask in increasingly appealing applications, but focusing on one thing at a time and limiting the amount of communication distractions might be best for raising our effectiveness at home and at our workplace. I know … Continue reading multitasking….