The Incarnation

The Incarnation

For Christians, the incarnation of some aspect of God’s divinity in the person of Jesus of Nazareth has always been of utmost importance. The implications of this incarnation affect nearly every other aspect of Christian doctrine, not least the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross

He became one of us so that we could be like Him….

a very hectic Christmas….

We left Damascus on Friday 12/24 about 15:00 and arrived at daughter’s house ’bout 19:00. Didn’t go to church ’cause both grand babies were sick. So Christmas morning up around 07:00 and Mike (2 year old) opened some gifts but he really wasn’t paying attention, just having a good time.  We all left for my Parents’ place around 11:00 for an hour drive to DuBois where we had an excellent Christmas dinner thanks to my sister in law Alison.  Fearing the pending blizzard I left with my older daughter about 18:30 for the return trip to Damascus whilst Sweetous stayed with Dawnie in State College. Arrived home in Damascus about 21:00 on Christmas night; exhausted….

And along with the daunting itinerary I still have the Head Cold from Hell; an ongoing phenomenon since mid December…

My Holiday Travel Plans

We will visit my daughters and her family in PA for the Christmas weekend; can’t wait to see baby Leah again, and toddler Mike too of course ! We will also visit my Parents for Christmas dinner; prepared by Alison my sister in law. Alison is an outstanding preparer of food ! Will likely see my brother Kevin too and his kids.

I don’t know any of the scheduling detail ’cause I leave that to the Women; too complicated for me LOL !

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