It’s so easy to use an ipad as a pacifi …

It’s so easy to use an ipad as a pacifier but it’s not really good for the kids. Even many adults become addicted to technology and socially isolated. On the other hand maybe all this tech is just the harbinger of a new way of living with both good and not so good aspects. Hard to say for sure but we should be mindful of technology use so we can be in control of ourselves…..

Here is a project to make Kinetic Sand f …

Here is a project to make Kinetic Sand for little kids to play with

I read a lot about how kids today spend way too much time online looking at screens. I think it is true; kids and adults are mesmerized by screens. We can’t blame it all on the kids, or the technology though ! Parents will often give a kid an ipad or iphone as a pacifier. I have been guilty of this myself.

The kinetic sand does have some drawbacks though; the first being the parent has to make it. Sometimes we are just too damn lazy and we take the easy way out and throw an ipad at the kid ! Sad but true.

Another drawback with the sand is that the kids will often favor the ipad or other device over something so mundane as sand. Yikes ! We may have created a monster with our over indulgence in technology…

Why Most Men Aren’t Man Enough to Handle Web Porn

Why Most Men Aren’t Man Enough to Handle Web Porn

I’m a firm advocate of free expression but here is something worth considering….

All parties, on left and right, believe in freedom. The question is whether there are ways of having too much freedom, or of using it in the very wrong way, so that it starts to hurt other things we care about, like prosperity, safety and happiness.

The issue comes to a head with internet pornography. The standard view is that people should be left to look at porn as much as they like, just as they should be left to buy guns, eat unhealthy foods, divorce and remarry eight times and make nothing of their talents: it’s a free country, after all….

A Zen approach to information overload…

A Zen approach to information overload…..

It may not be very popular to admit, but I think if we are honest most of not only love our increasingly connected life, we also hate it. We do not hate our unprecedented access to information online or the countless ways we can connect with friends, family, and colleagues; instead, we hate that we are not better able to balance the avalanche of information in our lives; we hate the feeling of continuous overwhelm; of always being behind; and of the seemingly endless communication, from emails to private messages, that need replies.