Universal Basic Income

Seems a very radical idea, and in fact it is. But the growing problem of income inequality combined with what seems to be the inexorable advance of technology seems to demand it. If we don’t have a Universal Basic Income there is likely to be social chaos as the wealthy fall prey to hordes of desperate unemployed people….https://goo.gl/qKtgmA 

Powered by Prisoners……

Brazilian prison incentivizes prisoners to provide pedal-powered energy | Prisoners volunteer to ride stationary bikes to power generators that charge batteries…..

Excellent idea ! They get good exercise which benefits their physical and mental health while performing a useful task.

The dark side: greedy capitalists devise plans to incarcerate massive numbers of people for slave labor….

I was watching CNN in the office break r …

I was watching CNN in the office break room this morning; they were talking about how numerous large corporations are sitting on large amounts of cash. They refuse to invest it in new ventures or expansion which would benefit the employment outlook and the economy as a whole. No, they just sit on it ! In some cases they actually have to pay the bank to keep it for them rather than getting paid interest ! Continue reading

Cheap is good….

I was shopping in Walmart today and bought a nice little batch of groceries for under $100.00. I was pleasantly surprised because I thought it would be more; I like low prices…..

A while back I started reading a book Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture [Kindle Edition]. I Have not finished it but the premise of the book is that low prices cause a general deterioration of the econmy and the culture in general. I can see there is a lot of truth in that idea but I still like low prices….

Economists dread deflation more than anything else; my understanding from reading and talk shows.  But for me with limited cash and a plethora of bills; cheap is good !