Tired as a very old dog today. I stayed …

Tired as a very old dog today. I stayed up ’til past midnight which of course was very irresponsible (but I’m not perfect) So this morning I drove to state college to visit my daughter and we went to the Grange Fair, so of course I am exceptionally tired now….

So this weekend I have a full house ! In ….

So this weekend I have a full house ! In addition to the usual me, wife, older daughter, son in law, and grandson we now have the mother-in-law taking up residence and the younger daughter and two more grandchildren visiting. And let’s not forget the three dogs, two cats, and the monster in the cellar….

An observation

My younger daughter sent me out on a mission to find and buy a jogging stroller she found on Craig’s List. The lady asked me if my daughter had ever had a jogging stroller and I told her she has had numerous strollers of all sorts. I think it’s funny that my wife and I had two kids and only one stroller the whole time !

Too much work…

So the Woman decided to get a chair she saw listed on Craig’s List which means moving other furniture to make room for it, hauling it, dragging it up the stairs etc. Sounds like way too much work for me….