physical activity and diabetes….

A lack of daily physical activity can lead to obesity, a major factor in developing type 2 diabetes - stand up and step away from the computer ! That is something I need to be constantly vigilante to make sure I get enough exercise. From what I read I can see I'm not alone.


Slow day at work; I finished a couple spreadsheets and now my pile is empty unless I do some filing.  I will leave early today because I have an appointment with the Dietician; guess I picked a good day for that. I'm hoping I didn't gain any weight 'cause I have been a bit lax … Continue reading notes….

Fat Bastard !

I'm working on this very large spreadsheet; an inventory for a liquor store. Amazing how much booze can be in one place, LOL ! While working on this list I came across a wine called "Fat Bastard" ! Did I read that correctly (I am transcribing a hand written list, poor penmanship) ? I did … Continue reading Fat Bastard !