good old days….

Some pictures that in todays context look profoundly ridiculous, scandalous or both….

Check out these ads from days gone by (and never to be repeated). Today, ads like these are offensive, irrational, chauvinistic, unbelievable. What will today’s ads look like in a few years? Today’s relevance is tomorrow’s irrelevance. To lock ourselves into the spirit of the age is to become a humorous relic of the past. What is eternal is relevant. What is not eternal is eternally irrelevant! … Read More

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A Cute Kitty

After a morning filled with vexation and consternation it is time for something cute and funny; courtesy of Smitty via email….

A Cat Named Lucky

If you thought this was going to be a heart wrenching story about a cat that got run over by a truck then had to walk 100 miles home after being bitten by a snake, you would be wrong…..

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thursday lunchtime…

I’m at work, trying to finish everything up so I can take off tomorrow in good conscience. We’re making a road trip to DuBois & State College; the occasion being a baby shower for young Piglette on Saturday !

I get lots of email everyday; some spam, newsletters, and lots of stuff from my friends. I figure today I will post a couple good ones I’ve received recently.

First a Quiz to help men ascertain whether or not they are gay. This is something important that every man should know. Of course the quiz is in bad taste and bound to offend some, but go ahead and check it out. You know you want to !

The next item is a set of beautiful landscape photos captioned with an important lesson about trusting God and not allowing fear to control your life. Check this one out also and enjoy your day !