WW I in Photos

WW I in Photos As countries caught up in the war sent soldiers to the front lines, they also built support behind the lines and at home, with women taking many roles. As villages became battlefields, refugees were scattered across Europe.

Support the troops….

No, thanks: stop saying "support the troops" http://goo.gl/921EPw The title of the article grabs your attention, downright shocking actually. But that is good; get through the shock and read the article. Brings up many points worthy of serious thought and consideration.....

Protect our Defenders…..

Protect Our Defenders | We honor, support and give voice to the brave women and men in uniform who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members. We seek to fix the military training, investigation and adjudication systems related to sexual violence and harassment — systems that often re-victimize assault survivors by blaming them while … Continue reading Protect our Defenders…..

Reading update…..

Fnished The Sutras of Abu Ghraib by Aidan Delgado and gave it 5 stars amzn.to/H9r8SO #Kindle — Dennis Reasinger (@dionysius) April 1, 2012 Awesome book! Profoundly moving memoir of a Buddhist soldier coming to terms with the war and his deep aversion to war. Also captures perfectly the bleakness of life in a war zone…