Capitalism vs Democracy

The growing tension between capitalism and democracy - The Washington Post  | The future looks bleak if the corporations are not brought to heel..... I found the link on Jim Philips - Google+

another example….

Six-year-old sent to reform school for bringing a "weapon" (Cub Scout camping cutlery) to school - Boing Boing - yep, another example of grossly depraved stupidity by school officials !

funding the Taliban…

Global News Blog » Blog Archive » Are Pentagon contracts funding the Taliban? | Blogs | -- we sure as Hell need to put a lid on that stuff. I don't care what the reason is; passing out money to people whom we are at war with is just absurd !

dog fights….

The case is about dogfighting videos, but critics argue that it could apply to anything from photos in Field and Stream magazine or hunting videos, to Arnold Schwarzenegger punching a camel in Conan the Barbarian. - seems to me there should be some way of dealing with trashy activities like this without getting into the … Continue reading dog fights….

space race….

Twitter / CBS News: CBSNews Poll: 51 percent o ... Twitter / CBS News: 71 percent of Americans be ... I'm all for the advancement of technology and increasing human knowledge but I think our efforts and resources could be better used right here on Earth.  I really don't see any pressing necessity to spend … Continue reading space race….

top heavy….

Smitty sent me this fable illustrating why the American auto industry is in deep trouble while the Japanese car makers are faring so much better. The premise of the story, top heavy management, seems entirely reasonable to me; although I have no idea whether or not the statistics cited at the end are true or … Continue reading top heavy….