Tired as a very old dog today. I stayed …

Tired as a very old dog today. I stayed up ’til past midnight which of course was very irresponsible (but I’m not perfect) So this morning I drove to state college to visit my daughter and we went to the Grange Fair, so of course I am exceptionally tired now….

Wednesday recap…..

A great start this morning; a nice 2 mile walk. Things quickly devolved when I got to work. I had to wrangle a really large spreadsheet which proved to be more than I anticipated; worked on it all day and will continue tomorrow. I hate those hit and run jobs when I already have plenty of work to get done ! Oh well, much better than unemployment. I had intended to go walking this evening but instead worked overtime.  Stand by for tomorrow…..

It’s coffee time….

A hot summer day at a family outing in the park. The kids was playing in the creek. I noticed the current pulling Leah down stream. I yelled “Leah!” and springing into action I took a flying leap into the creek where I was met with the cold reality of a hardwood floor. Ouch ! I’m not at the park watching the kids playing in the creek. Rather, I am flat out on the floor beside my bed. So now I have a bruise but I’m right pleased that Leah is OK. Happening now ! It’s coffee time !

I have confidence in me

I make Excel spreadsheets to document personal property claims and to be honest, I am damn good at it. I know my way around Excel. So what would I like to be better at ? Let’s start with being a better Excel geek…

I could learn more about the statistical functions, pivot tables and the like. Or I could become a master of VBA coding….

Or perhaps something different entirely. I could develop my writing skills or increase my proficiency at one on one communication skills….

There’s all sorts of things ! Let’s focus and get busy !

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Remember man, you are dust and to dust y …

Remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return. Death is my constant companion and your’s too. I suppose that may sound melodramatic but think about it; it’s the plain truth.

So why am I contemplating my mortality today ? It’s still Christmas, not Ash Wednesday ! Continue reading


I was standing in my kitchen and felt a sudden shake of the house, lasted only a couple seconds. I went outside to look around and saw nothing. So I concluded that it was my imagination. Wrong ! A it later my daughter called and asked about the earthquake, then I checked twitter and it was all over on there. I had planned to go to an appointment in Bethesda but now I won’t ’cause I’m sure the traffic is a mess….