Reading from a real book is better for y …

Reading from a real book is better for your health and than reading from a tablet….

They’re probably right, but some of the criticism of tablets seems far fetched to me; such as not being able to make notes or bookmarks. True, you can’t dog ear pages or write in the margins, but you can highlight and keep notes via the tablet….

an update…..

Hectic day at work but I did get a lot done and I went walking at lunchtime for about 30 minutes. This evening I started reading a couple of books on my Kindle…..

Amazon Kindle: Loki and Amazon Kindle: The Sutras of Abu Ghraib: Notes from a Conscientious Objector in Iraq

I started reading a couple other books recently too. Sometimes I think I should finish one before I start another, but that is difficult for me to do….

Noted whilst lurking in Barnes & Noble y …

Noted whilst lurking in Barnes & Noble yesterday….

Reading “Dragon Tattoo” ’bout half way through….. I’m a little over half way through this book and I love it ! There is sex, violence, sexual violence, hackers, Nazis, corporate malfeasance all woven into an intricate plot, spanning most of the 20th century into the 21st, about an extended dysfunctional family. Did I miss anything ? What more could you want in your reading enjoyment ? You should read this book !

books etc…. | Borders will have their own device and ebook store soon ! They will also have apps for PC’s and other devices. Excellent ! I never cared for the Sony reader or the Sony store. This will allow Borders to stay on par with Amazon and BN. But of course the iPad surpasses them all at least the device does; the price is higher for Apple stuff though… | The Lovely Bones; really good book I’ve been reading on my BN for PC. Very sad story; I want to see the movie too…. | ‘nother one I’ve been reading. Not a novel, this one is a guide for growing in relationship with God. God wants to be in relationship with us and he calls us to relationship in our everyday life: the Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything…..