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Taking Up Serpents

Taking Up Serpents I'm visiting my daughter and parents for Christmas. I'm at my daughter's house now and just finished watching a youTube video about snake handling churches. (I know it's an odd thing to do on Christmas Eve, but anyway)  It's pretty amazing to see. I know people can do a lot of things … Continue reading Taking Up Serpents

The Incarnation

The Incarnation For Christians, the incarnation of some aspect of God’s divinity in the person of Jesus of Nazareth has always been of utmost importance. The implications of this incarnation affect nearly every other aspect of Christian doctrine, not least the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross He became one of us so that … Continue reading The Incarnation

Four indicators of bad religion….

How to tell when religious beliefs become evil.... http://goo.gl/zU1ZYk There are a lot of warning signs all around us, but we usually learn about them after a Jim Jones or a David Koresh,” said Charles Kimball, author of “When Religion Becomes Evil.

Blessed are you…..

"Blessed are you, merciful God!Blessed be your holy and honorable name forever!May all your works forever bless you." -- Tobit 3: 11 — The Word Among Us (@wordamongus) June 5, 2013

On Being…..

On Being with Krista Tippett | Relgion and spirituality program on public radio: podcast and tumblr blog....

A Witch Wiki….

Interesting find.... The Witchipedia is a collaborative open-source informational website dedicated to providing information to new Pagan, Heathen and magical seekers and serving as a reference for more experienced individuals.

Christian Ghetto……

 Ghettoization of Christian Culture | Interesting article about the bad effects of Christians secluding themselves from the wider society. I'm a Christian but I have to agree that many of the artifacts of "christian" culture are just plain cheesy and tacky.....