Getting Unstuck

In Dante’s Inferno, Satan, denizen of the deepest hell, is found frozen in a block of ice, utterly unable to move. As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking or eating junk food only to pick up that cigarette or that bag of crunchy or gooey things in a burst of wild rebellion can tell you, rebelling doesn’t necessarily bring freedom. Addictions—and this can include addictive emotions and obsessive thinking—is hell, a narrowing our possibilities. Freedom means working with life, caring for the body and the rest of creation, the middle path.

Getting Unstuck.

Wisdom and Sin

Experimental Theology: Wisdom and Sin

As noted above, students aren’t disinterested interlocutors. And very often they are acting in “bad faith,” to use Satre’s term. That is, they are running from their freedom and responsibilities. They are shopping for an endorsement from an authority figure when they need to start taking responsibility for the hard work of moral discernment and the resultant consequences of their behavior.

I would add that if you have to ask if a given action is a sin, it most likely is. I say this because asking that question trying to get a “green light” from an authority figure indicates that the given act would violate your own conscience

pondering the seeming invincibility of evil….

In response to a friend’s questions about why does evil seem to always get the upper hand ? Why do evil people always seem to come out on top ? Why are people so susceptible to evil ?

The short answer is that we really don’t know why God allows evil to exist and have so  much influence. I’m no theologian or philosopher but I do like to ponder things theological, so I collected some reading material that may be of interest to my friend and others with similar questions. Although it may seem like evil has the upper hand I live by faith that we have a good God and that He really does win in the end. Another thing I have confidence in is that whatever evil a persons does will follow them around and eventually bite them in the ass either in this world or the world to come; no one gets away with anything even if it seems like they do !

So here are links to the reading material as promised:

Is Sin Genetic? | The Blackbird Press

Is Sin Genetic? | The Blackbird Press | This article claims it is, and I more or less concur. I think a better approach would be to say that we have all sorts of needs and desires which are mostly (though not totally) genetic but we also have the ability to make decisions regarding the application and implementation of our natural needs and desires. Thus sin is a choice to in how we use our natural desires.

Another point I would makes is that we do live in a fallen world; so nature itself is not as God created it to be….

Check this article too: Satan and the Corruption of Nature: Seven Arguments » Problem of Evil » The Problem of Evil » Greg Boyd (Christus Victor Ministries)