friday afternoon…..

I left work early to wait for a furniture delivery. I brought some work home though: a large depreciation/ACV spreadsheet. So I sitting at the kitchen table wrangling this behemoth spreadsheet on my netbook. This tiny computer actually seems to run faster than my desktop at work. LOL ! I use Excel 2003 at work, the netbook has Excel 2007, so I’m learning some new software too.

DropBoks – Free online file storage.

DropBoks – Free online file storage. (Secure online storage for files.).

I spend a lot of time surfing the web and often try web applications that I find. Over the past week or so I have looked at several file storage apps.  The best one that I found is DropBoks.  I love the minimalist design and ease of use. If you are looking for file storage on the web you may like DropBoks.

sunday evening home alone….

Sweetous is staying the week with Piglette so I am home alone again. I’m a fairly self contained self reliant person; some might even say I was semi-reclusive. I actually don’t like being alone though; it can be downright unnerving. In Genesis God said that it was not good for a man to be alone; and He’s right ! As far as I can tell I’m perfectly sane but I can see how an extended period of solitude could work on one’s mind or I could fall down the stairs or something….

Enough of the morbid ponderings ! Rather than morbid, today was actually rather mundane. I slept late and lounged around the house in the morning. No bacon for breakfast, just cereal, yogurt and coffee. I did the wash and installed some software on my new tiny computer. I got a new one yesterday because I turned in the other one on account of the keyboard malfunctioning. I installed a bunch of updates from Microsoft and also Open Office, Chrome, and Live Writer. When finished with all that I went to Borders for a while and now I’m back home winding down the day with the dogs.

sunday evening….

I’m a bit tired right now. Sweetous and I went walkng around early this afternoon and then I went to Borders for a while. When I got home I decided to try and fix my ailing computer. My Lenovo had Vista on it but it had been running very slow and just not working well; it would take like 20 minutes to finish booting. I was tired of that nonsense ! I had been using Knoppix Linux on a DVD but of course that would not allow me to save any bookmarks etc. I liked Knoppix and tried to install it this afternoon, but my geek skills are limited. I did not have success with that so I tried some other distros. Of course in the process of doing all that I totally messed up Vista. I was not happy, was thinking I would have to put the Lenovo in for repairs ! Then I tried installing Ubuntu 8.04 and I got it up and running ! I like it, so far my only complaints are a lack of google talk, the brown color scheme, and my wireless is not working ! I’m sure those can be fixed, I just need to find out how. I would think that Google talk would work on Kopete, I shall have to see about that. In any case it is working better now than it had been.

email and PIM’s

I’m a big fan of all things Google, especially gmail. But here is another good PIM suite on the web: GMX – Free E-Mail – Webmail & POP3, IMAP. I nearly forgot I had this but they sent me an update in my gmail today. This has a very nice looking interface and runs fairly fast too. For sure it’s better than Hotmail !

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flash drive software…

some links from lunch time web prowling…


Today was moderately busy at work. I expect tomorrow will be a pain in the ass. I got lots of exercise today: walked in the morning and at lunch time, cut the grass when I got home. I downloaded and installed Tetris and Asteroids on my tiny computer. I tried to install Second Life on a USB stick and run it on the tiny computer but was not successful with that. This afternoon I added several links to my page of Wikipedia links.

notes and linkage….

Today is another slow day, but I know that won’t last long. I’m back from my lunch time walk; also walked this morning. I need to get back on track with my diet / exercise after this past weekend. I had been getting a little slack anyway. Time to stern it up ! Sweetous called me earlier and told me she had already got the dogs out of the kennel. That’s good; one less chore for me. I will probably sit out on the porch this evening as it is a really nice day; perhaps we will get a storm later.

This weekend I bought an 8 gigabyte flash drive. I installed Open Office on it while I was at Mike & Pig’s place. I shall have to see what other software I can put on that: portable software – Google Search.

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notes and links…

I am going to try this out on my tiny computer. I think I already have one of these things at home, so that’s something I will do this evening.

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sunday evening…

The  weekend went by fast ! I stayed up late Friday and Saturday and slept late ! Sweetous has been working late all week too; she’s hoping that will end in a day or so. This evening I was playing around with Linux ’cause Sweetous’ PC won’t finish booting Windows. It seems to work just fine with this PC-LOS live CD. I may install that for her if she wants me too. I had Damn Small Linux running on it too. She tried the DSL and liked it ok except her mouse didn’t work. The mouse works with PC-LOS.

I tried both of those on my Lenovo too. The live CD’s boot faster than my Vista does ! Hell ! But, with PC-LOS my display was not quite right and with DSL I couldn’t get the internet connection started. I’m sure that could be fixed, but I don’t know how right off hand.

Well, I better get to bed earlier tonight!