I have confidence in me

I make Excel spreadsheets to document personal property claims and to be honest, I am damn good at it. I know my way around Excel. So what would I like to be better at ? Let’s start with being a better Excel geek…

I could learn more about the statistical functions, pivot tables and the like. Or I could become a master of VBA coding….

Or perhaps something different entirely. I could develop my writing skills or increase my proficiency at one on one communication skills….

There’s all sorts of things ! Let’s focus and get busy !

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What I Worry About

I tend to worry frequently about a lot of things. Being 57 years old I really ought to know better; worrying doesn’t help ! Also, my experience so far has been that whatever happens is not nearly so catastrophic as I imagined it would be….

My favorite thing to worry about is money; I never have enough ! I think that particular anxiety is endemic amongst modern Americans but is generally unfounded….

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Amazon Kindle: The Hangman's Daught …

Amazon Kindle: The Hangman's Daughter | Recently read this one. Interesting with many historical details and an intricate plot….

Interesting to note that Jacob, the Hangman, is in many ways a really decent person, quite intelligent and progressive but also seems to have no qualms about his work. Actually we all simultaneously exhibit both good and evil, seems to be the chronic human condition….

Our public officials won’t tell you the …

Our public officials won’t tell you the truth, but I will. If we still have high unemployment and rising foreclosures: the recession is NOT over ! If soldiers and civilians (both American and Iraqi) continue to be killed by insurgents: the war is NOT over ! If Afghanistan is still infested with Taliban and Al Qaida and is ruled by assorted dirtbags and dickheads: we are not winning ! Don’t kid yourself. The truth will make you free but first it will piss you off….

The Other Religion at Ground Zero – Newsweek

The Other Religion at Ground Zero – Newsweek – They ought to let these guys rebuild; they were there way before the WTC was even thought of. I don’t have a problem with the Mosque either but I would advise against it because of the intense opposition; if they did build it I suspect the place would still be the object of protests 50 years from now….

People who see the iPad can’t control …

People who see the iPad can’t control their desire to buy one, because they’re so cool!

Good article by Leo

I’m not so “hard core” as he is but he does bring up many good points. He’s right, I would buy an iPad if I could afford one but the truth is I don’t really need one either. I do wonder what would happen to the economy though if people cut back drastically on their spending…

http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3-103458 …

My so-called paperless life —  article about digitizing record keeping with suggestions and caveats. Something I have noticed though is that with digital technology making it easy to produce multiple versions of documents and everyone wants a hard copy of everything; seems to me that we use more paper than ever before….

What surprises me is the amount of time those discussions get in the US – this ideology, like most, is an extreme simplification that couldnt work alone for 5 days. Its good to have a bit of everything ! How people fail to see that and sometimes spend their life cherishing their abstraction of choice is beyond me.

This quote is from the comments section for a blog post arguing for Libertarianism. I think this comment get it exactly right. Just about all systems of thought or politics make a great deal of sense when taken alone as an abstraction. They all tend to break down when applied to realtiy. The “solution” is to think of the ideologies as a tool box and use ideas that work in the real world; I calll it “eclecticism”.

Why do people get so “gaga” over cel …

Why do people get so “gaga” over celebrities ? Totally baffling to me ! I’m not a MJ fan but I do acknowledge he was a talented, skilled entertainer and musician and of course it’s sad when anyone dies. MJ was like anyone else really; he had his good points and his bad points (which I won’t get into here). In any case I think it is totally irrational the way people adore and even worship celebrities and sports figures…

sunday afternoon…..

I’m tired ! After church I helped Sweetous build some shelves for the closet. I was going to work on a spreadsheet from work but I am way too tired for that now. I may try to fix my other computer which gets hung up trying to boot. I figure I’ll reformat and install a new OS.

Today was also a sobering day; my younger brother had a heart attack last night. He’s ok now, but in the ICU. Then in church the Pastor gave a sermon which was quite convicting. This being Lent I guess it is entirely appropriate to be reminded “Remember man, you are dust and to dust you shall return”

sunday evening home alone….

Sweetous is staying the week with Piglette so I am home alone again. I’m a fairly self contained self reliant person; some might even say I was semi-reclusive. I actually don’t like being alone though; it can be downright unnerving. In Genesis God said that it was not good for a man to be alone; and He’s right ! As far as I can tell I’m perfectly sane but I can see how an extended period of solitude could work on one’s mind or I could fall down the stairs or something….

Enough of the morbid ponderings ! Rather than morbid, today was actually rather mundane. I slept late and lounged around the house in the morning. No bacon for breakfast, just cereal, yogurt and coffee. I did the wash and installed some software on my new tiny computer. I got a new one yesterday because I turned in the other one on account of the keyboard malfunctioning. I installed a bunch of updates from Microsoft and also Open Office, Chrome, and Live Writer. When finished with all that I went to Borders for a while and now I’m back home winding down the day with the dogs.

Digital vs Real….

I wonder which will prove to be more durable: the faded photos stuffed in boxes in the attic or the digital ephemera stored in “locations” that are really only collections of bytes somewhere in cyberspace….

My parents have a few old faded photos of their parents and even grandparents hidden away somewhere. They have a more of a collection documenting the childhood of me and my brothers. Sweetous and I have quite a pile of photos from our younger days and of Piglette and LB from early childhood thru high school. All of these artifacts are subject to deterioration and destruction from fire, wind, insurrections and so on. Continue reading

thoughts about the web….

The links on the web are like footnotes or “see also” notes in books. Hypertext is better than footnotes because it makes vast amounts of information available at the click of a mouse. I used to read encylopedias in high school study hall; now I surf the web. The web is wonderful, but it has a “dark side” as well…. Continue reading